Every company can benefit from working with Interns that are qualified, energetic, and passionate and care both about their career and their contributions to society.

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Bill Queen

Chief Operating Officer

First Party, Travelers

Alumni Giving

Alumni Annual Fund


Alumni have the opportunity to support INROADS through the Alumni Annual Fund. This gift will allow you to make an impact on your local office while enhancing your Alumni career services and outreach.

Volunteer Opportunities

INROADS Alumni have the opportunity to serve in numerous capacities. Here are just a few examples:


  • Become an INROADS Alumni Ambassador (assist with recruitment activities)

  • Facilitate Intern Candidate Assessment & Mock Interviews

  • Become an Intern Mentor

  • Facilitate Local Intern Training

  • Become an Alumni Advocate (assist other Alumni)

  • Become an INROADS Champion (leverage new business activities, raise funds, or serve on boards)

  • Hire an INROADS Intern


Alumni giving is a personal commitment to INROADS' noble mission, continued development and future growth. Please make a commitment to the future of those who will follow you through the "INROADS Process."

Gifts of Cash may be given by sending a check or money order, or using a credit card. You can give online here.

Other Gifts such as securities, real estate, insurance policies, personal property, annuities, trusts, bequests, etc. are welcomed. Please contact the Office of Development for additional information at at 866-398-3608866-398-3608.

Matching Gifts from your employer are significant as they may double or even triple your contribution. Please check with your local human resources department for details and qualifications.