"I am a first generation student and the only advice I received was to work hard and never stops. I am grateful that INROADS has been a strong support in my quest."

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The College of Staten Island

Internship: Target Corporation


May 17, 2011

INROADS Learning Summits to Build Leadership Competencies

In today’s ultra competitive job market, college students and new graduates alike are faced with the harsh reality that book smarts alone is simply not enough. Today’s new career seekers are finding that being equipped with business soft skills and other competencies amplifies their school training and competitively positions them for success in their future careers. That’s why for over forty years, the INROADS success story has always been attributed to the rigorous leadership development and business soft skills that are afforded to all INROADS Interns.

INROADS identifies, recruits and develops exceptional diverse and talented students throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and coaches and trains them for corporate readiness. In preparation for their paid Internships with corporate sponsors, INROADS Interns are trained each summer in Learning Summits that compliment their educational training and add value by providing business boot camp styled workshops inclusive of seminars, forums, webinars, and business case studies on the corporate environment. The Summits hone in on the 7 INROADS Leadership Competencies:


  1. Business Communication
  2. Business Sophistication/Acumen
  3. Management Skills
  4. Self Management
  5. Academic/Technical Skills
  6. Community Involvement and Leadership
  7. Valuing Diversity


The training curricula for the Learning Summits shed insight on the dynamics of the business world and teach Interns to shift their view from a one-dimensional business environment to a multi-dimensional one. The Summits also help Interns understand that maintaining a competitive edge is more than just having the knowledge and technical expertise to do the job; it’s about doing the job well by developing key competencies including everything from self-awareness to career management to relating to people to diversity. As a result, INROADS Interns are better prepared for corporate success and leadership roles.

This year’s theme for the two-day Learning Summit- Inspiring Greatness. Nothing Less Will Do.- embodies the spirit that will be ingrained in every INROADS Intern.

“Developing talented leaders is the essence of what we do at INROADS,” shares Javona Braxton, Director of Training and Development at INROADS. “Our goal is to ensure that INROADS Interns are thoroughly prepared to successfully enter the workforce and make an impact at every stage of their career lifecycle. We have the power to leave an indelible mark on the personal and professional lives of some of the most promising future corporate and community leaders.”