Feb 28, 2012

Dynamic Technology Powerhouse Earns Top Spot as Job Creator

United Technologies Corporation Ranks as Top Provider  of INROADS Internships for Underserved Students

There was a time when a college degree meant a solid paying job and maybe even a few job offers lined up upon graduation. Today’s harsh realities have college students nervous about entering a tough job market and wondering if their text book training will suffice.  According to the BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) youth unemployment has been as high as 30% in some sectors and the youth are unemployed with limited prospects for the future.

That’s why the partnership between INROADS and United Technologies Corporation (NYSE: UTX) has been tremendously effective since 1986.  Recently, 277 INROADS Interns had the opportunity to launch a career at United Technologies.  In 2010, 1 of every 2 INROADS Interns were successfully placed within UTC. This is above the national average and reflects a commitment to diversity in the workplace and willingness to invest in top diverse talent.

“Today, there are more than 300 INROADS Alumni at United Technologies. It’s a testament to the power of the program, as students arrive as Interns, grow with the company and become mentors themselves,” said J. Thomas Bowler, Jr., UTC Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Organization.  “This program is an integral part of attracting and developing the next generation of leaders at UTC.”

After more than 25 years and 2700 internships, this partnership continues to fulfill the needs of college students and a global Fortune 50 company.  In 2011, UTC donated $100,000 in support of INROADS to  provide mentorship programs for high school and college students.

The top ten corporate partners listed are recognized for the number of internships placed in 2011.  These partners are creating Next Level Opportunities while providing solutions to the high rate of unemployment affecting our nation’s youth.  Many of our top ten partners go above and beyond in supporting the Interns including MetLife which contributes $50,000 annually to support Intern scholarships; Lockheed Martin supports STEM student recruitment and Kaiser Permanente created a peer network to serve the INROADS Interns.

The top ten corporate INROAD S partners for 2011 are:

1.    United Technologies

2.    Deloitte & Touché LLP

3.    MetLife, Inc.

4.    KPMG, LLP

5.    Lockheed Martin

6.    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

7.    CenturyLink

8.    Travelers Insurance

9.    Boeing Company (The)

10.  Kaiser Permanente

UTC commitment to INROADS in sponsoring 277 Interns led them to top this year’s list for the fifth consecutive time.

INROADS is the largest provider of salaried corporate internships for underserved students.

“We salute UTC and all of our partners for their continued commitment to affording top performing  Interns the opportunity to gain corporate experience that will develop them for future business success,” shares Forest T. Harper, Jr., President and CEO of INROADS. “Our partners recognize that investing in and supporting the leadership development of college students today will help develop their pipeline and a sustainable, diverse workforce of  future business leaders for tomorrow.”

For over 40 years, INROADS has earned the trust of many of the leading Fortune 500 companies providing them with a talent pipeline of high-potential future executives. These partners come to INROADS because they know that Interns are equipped with the tools they need to succeed as a result of rigorous business development, leadership, and hands on training. Students also receive on-going coaching and training by  corporate mentors and INROADS Alumni designed to increase the Intern's soft skills and overall understanding of how to become a high-performer. The training is such a boost to their college resume that it increases their likelihood to land a solid career path upon graduation.