Every company can benefit from working with Interns that are qualified, energetic, and passionate and care both about their career and their contributions to society.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about INROADS

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What is INROADS?

INROADS is the nation’s largest non-profit source of paid internships for undergraduate, diverse youth. By providing the skills, support, and network students need to obtain an internship at a top company, INROADS prepares students to lead and contribute from Day 1. Learn more>>>

How does INROADS work?

INROADS knows talent. First, INROADS recruits the best and the brightest diverse college students. By understanding our corporate partners’ needs and culture, while simultaneously coaching and training student applicants, we focus on getting the fit right, matching candidates who are ready to contribute on Day 1. Upon acceptance of an internship, INROADS Interns are provided on-going coaching with an advisor, a corporate mentor, access to our network and support such as free tutoring and scholarships, and most importantly, a unique skills development plan designed to increase the Intern's soft skills and overall understanding of how to become a high-performer. We save our clients time so they can focus on providing a supportive work environment with challenging work assignments. These successive year internships groom the Interns, not only for a full-time job with their corporate sponsor upon graduation, but also for fast advancement within that company. Learn more>>>

What is the INROADS goal?

The INROADS goal is achieved when a corporate sponsor hires its INROADS Intern immediately upon graduation. Over the past two years, 92% of INROADS Interns accepted offers for full time employment from their sponsoring companies. A large percentage of the remaining INROADS graduates accepted offers from other INROADS corporate sponsors.

Who is an INROADS Intern?

An INROADS Intern is an outstanding undergraduate college student pursuing a degree major in a field of study that will lead to a professional career in management. The student must maintain a B or better grade point average, and remain committed to the INROADS mission and goal. Learn more>>>

Who should apply for an INROADS Internship?

Talented undergraduate college students who have a 3.0 or higher GPA. Many INROADS Internships require a higher GPA. Interested students must pursue a college degree in business, accounting, actuarial science, engineering, computer and information sciences, sales, marketing, communications ,allied health, healthcare management, supply chain, finance,or retail store management. Our staff looks for the best and brightest students who demonstrate strong leadership capabilities. To apply, students should talk with their school counselor or call their local INROADS office or submit an on-line application.

What services/benefits does INROADS provide?

For our corporate sponsors, INROADS provides early identification of talent at a reduced cost, increased diversity, and improved hiring fit. Our Interns receive paid, multi-year, real world professional experiences, with early exposure to their career interest, networking opportunities, and year-round personal, professional, and academic guidance and support.

How is INROADS funded?

Sponsorship fees from clients, supplemented by foundation grants and contributions fund INROADS.

What do client organizations have to do?

Participating companies commit to provide a multi-year professional opportunity for an Intern, and consider the Intern for full-time employment upon graduation. We work with them to create, implement and monitor a career development plan for each Intern, designate a business advisor to evaluate the Intern's progress, and offer guidance throughout the process. Each corporate sponsor pays an annual sponsorship fee to INROADS, as well as a competitive salary to the Intern. For more information about how your company can get involved with INROADS, contact the INROADS office nearest you. Learn more>>>